Welcome to MYP Mathematics

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"Whenever diverse groups of people focus with open minds and hearts on the complex challenges facing humanity, a remarkable alchemy often occurs. First, pride subsides. Then humility emerges. And, finally, if we are fortunate, we begin to learn from each other."

~ M. Gerzon

The overall purpose of this workshop and wikispace is not only to focus on MYP mathematics assessments, teaching and learning methodologies, and exploring best practices in the classroom, but to collect and share resources with fellow MYP mathematics practitioners. Continued collaboration after the workshop will not only benefit teachers in improving the quality of MYP mathematics delivery, but help in improving student learning.

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The "Collaborative Contact List" is a google document that has the names and email addresses of all MYP practitioners that have been involved in the MYP mathematics category 2 workshop. Please insert all of your details--and feel free to contact other MYP mathematics teachers that are on the list.

Collaborative Contact List