Simon M. Thauvette (Workshop Leader)
I am currently the Grades 11 and 12 Learning Lead, and teaching Year 4 & 5 MYP extended mathematics and Years 1 & 2 DP mathematics standard level at the Canadian International School in Singapore. I come from a small village in Quebec, Canada, and have worked and volunteered at schools in Canada, Nepal, Kuwait and Singapore over the past 13 years. I'm a professional alpine ski instructor (C.S.I.A.) and finished my P.A.D.I. DMT in Koh Tao, Thailand. I live in a trilingual household with my wife and two young children.

Tao Wei
I am from the Independent School Foundation Academy in Hong Kong. However this is my first year teaching here as my fourth international schools served. The most recent duty was DP math/physics in the American School of Milan (Italy) for the past 5 years. MYP was a distant memory rather than DP, yet the freedom and creativity part of it always amazes me and i do look forward to gaining fresh knowledge and experience from everyone here in this workshop.

David Sanda
I teach at Discovery College in Hong Kong. I've just started there after 12 years in Sha Tin College (also in HK). I teach Year 5 Standard Mathematics as well as some DP courses, but in future years, I will teach other levels.

Melissa Griffin @lissgriffin
I teach at PIADS in Phuket - MYP2, 3, 4 and 5. Small school. I will also be preparing the SL and Studies courses for the DP next year. I've added my blog, twitter handle and some wikispaces I have developed in the collaboration google doc.
David Wilderspin
From International School Dhaka, Bangladesh. Subject Leader. 3rd year teaching IB DP HL/SL MYP 5SL & 5X, 4SL, 1. Previously taught Maths B/C in Queensland, Australia since 2002. Industry/business experience prior to this. Final year overseas then back to Australia in 2014 as 3 years' leave is over!

Angela McCray-Hancock
I currently teach Math MYP 1 - 3 and Science MYP 1 at Osaka International School in Osaka, Japan. This is my second year in Osaka and teaching MYP. I am originally from Michigan and have taught in four countries: U.S.A., England, Costa Rica, & Japan. This is my 17th year in education and three of those were in administration. My career has focused on middle school teaching as this is my favorite age range.