• Regularly recording and reporting on student achievement informs MYP students of their progress within an international programme.


  • To determine the requirements of the MYP with regard to grading practices.
  • To create assessment procedures that communicates student achievement.
  • To recognize the importance of a school-wide assessment policy.


Standard B1 - #5c

  • 5(c). The school has developed and implements an assessment policy that is consistent with IB expectations.

Standard C4 - #4, 5, 6, 7

  • 4. The school provides students with feedback to inform and improve their learning.
  • 5. The school has systems for recording student progress aligned with the assessment philosophy of the programme(s).
  • 6. The school has systems for reporting student progress aligned with the assessment philosophy of the programme(s).
  • 7. The school analyses assessment data to inform teaching and learning.

Recording Achievement Levels Template

Sample Year 5 (Grade 10) Record of Achievement Levels

Syllabus Comparisons - MYP to DP Courses


All schools offering the MYP must use the published subject-specific criteria and achievement level descriptors to determine final internal grades.

To arrive at a criterion level total for each student, teachers will need to total the final levels of achievement in each of the criteria.

Schools should use the grade boundary table found below to determine final grades in each year of the MYP. The table provides a means of converting criterion levels total into a grade based on a scale of 1 – 7.

Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 5.38.11 PM.png